Adobe InDesign: How to Create and Edit a Text Wrap

How to Wrap Text Around Images

Display the Text Wrap panel by choosing: Window > Text Wrap.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Display or toggle the Text Wrap panel:
Windows: Ctrl+Alt+W
Mac: Command+Option+W

To display additional options, click on the top-right corner and select Show Options:

Select an image in your file and click one of the Wrap option shapes

. . .  then enter your text offset values — positive values increase the margin; negative values decrease the margin.

Three Examples of the Seven Contour Options:

Below are self-explanatory examples of how the text flows around your image depending on which contour setting you choose. The best way to learn and see what works best for you is to fiddle with the settings.

Bounding Box:

Detect Edges

Alpha Channel

One of the “Wrap To” Options

Example of selecting “Side Towards the Spine”:

Click to learn all the expert explanations and combinations from Adobe.

Bonus! How to Edit a Text Wrap

Eugene Tyson on InDesignSecrets gives a brief and helpful outline on editing a custom text wrap with the Pen Tool:

Click here to read Eugene’s post.

About Eugene Tyson

Senior Graphic Designer
Eugene Tyson has over 17 years’ experience in the graphic design and print industry. Currently a senior graphic designer and prepress operator, he delivers InDesign training and also works as a consultant for various companies and individuals within Ireland. You can reach him via his dedicated Google+ community for InDesign users in Ireland. You can also follow him on twitter @Euge_Tyson

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