COVID-19: Free Entertainment for Kids

Free Downloads

To keep your kids entertained and safe, we’d like to share our free activity page downloads!

Coloring Pages from Christmas Toys & Joys.

Click each thumbnail below, then right-click on the next page to download a JPG file.

Jammie Cats™ coloring and activity pages, masks, and more!

Click to download them from the Jammie Cats™ site.

Free Activity Pages on the Jammie Cats site!

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Download a Free Festive Golden Bokeh Image

The “Celebrate” text is not included in the high-resolution image.

Click to download a free, high-resolution festive Golden Bokeh image – a perfect background for your holiday marketing!

The high-resolution photograph is royalty-free for personal and commercial use.

What’s Bokeh? Click to find out more.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Free Christmas Coloring Pages, from the book “Christmas Toys & Joys”

Enjoy some free holiday cheer!

Download pages for your kids to color.

Click each thumbnail above, then right-click on the next page to download a JPG file.

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Illustrations for the Children’s Book “Shelly and the Circle of Light”

Over the last few years, I’ve had the privilege of working with Rochelle Forrest Hankins illustrating her children’s book Shelly Shines™ Series. And now, I’m pleased to announce that Shelly and the Circle of Light, Rochelle’s flagship book, is available on Amazon!

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Photo: Before and After with Adobe Camera Raw—Cat on Pepperoni Pizza-Bed

One of our cats, a Ragdoll/Highlander cross, spends 80% of her life on her back, and at least 50% of that on her favorite pizza-bed.

Click images to zoom.


Original: Nikon D750 50mm; shot outside on the lanai; no flash.


After adjustments in Camera Raw.

Now Available on Amazon: Christmas Toys & Joys: A Coloring Book For Kids

I’m pleased and proud to announce the publication of Christmas Toys & Joys—a festive coloring book for kids—created by three talented young illustrators: Crystal Underwood, Devin Williams, and Hannah Drennan. These three artists are founding members of Draw the Line, a mentoring project created to enrich the skills and portfolios of junior illustrators.

Cover Illustration by Devin Williams

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Exploring the Nikon D750

Over the last month, I’ve been exploring a new way of seeing: through the lens of a Nikon D750. The amount of product information and photographic techniques and tips online is staggering. In future posts, I’ll share those that have been most helpful.

For now, here are a couple of images enshrining my husband in black and white as he  tailors a mushroom-and-herb cream sauce to complement caramelized chicken-thighs.

My workflow is Adobe Camera Raw to Photoshop.

AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G; no flash.
16-35mm; with flash.

Rochelle Forrest Hankins’ “Shelly and the Pollywog” Children’s Book

Below are a few illustrations from Rochelle Forrest Hankins’ children’s book Shelly and the Pollywog, just one book from her Shelly Shines series.
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Advertising for the children’s book “Jammie Cats™ Count!”

Jammie Cats™ Count! The Magical Forest, a preschool counting book that covers counting from 1 to 10, launched nearly a year ago.  In addition to writing the rhyming story, I illustrated, formatted, and self-published the book. Marketing is an ongoing and arduous task for any self-published writer because you need marketing materials plus an intelligent sales strategy. At least, as a graphic designer, I have the easy half of the battle licked.

Below are a few of the marketing materials and images I created for Jammie Cats™ Count! The Magical Forest.

For more information, visit the Jammie Cats™ website.

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