Now Available on Amazon: Colors of Spring: An Activity Book for Kids

I’m pleased to announce the publication of the children’s activity book Colors of Spring on Amazon!

Discover the wonders of spring! Flowers, bees, blossoms, bunnies, kites, plants, rain, and berries. And worms!

Colors of Spring is a forty-plus page activity book for kids that is bound to keep your kids busy on rainy days. The interior is a combination of coloring pages and games illustrated by artists Crystal Underwood, Devin Williams, and Hannah Drennan, with the bright and engaging cover illustrated by Crystal Underwood.

Colors of Spring is the second Draw the Line Project. The team implemented lessons learned from the first publication, Christmas Toys & Joys, collaborating on the theme, process, and deadlines, independent of oversight.

Please join me in supporting Crystal (@CrysteU), Devin (@devinrexes), and Hannah (@handrennan).

Crystal Underwood

Crystal is an illustrator from Florida; she received her Associate in Arts for Digital Media from College of Central Florida, and her B.F.A. for illustration at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. Crystal is the cover artist for Colours of Spring. View Crystal’s website.

Devin Williams

Devin is also an illustrator from Florida; she received her B.F.A. in Animation from the University of Central Florida. View Devin’s website.

Hannah Drennan

Hannah is an illustrator from Ontario, Canada. She studied illustration, pre-animation, and concept art at Algonquin College in Ottawa. View Hannah’s website.


Draw the Line Project—a mentorship program launched by Terrabyte Graphics, in 2019, as a two-fold venture: to create a collaborative environment for junior illustrators and to create fun and educational products for children.

Thanks to our sponsors Rochelle Forrest Hankins, Shelly, Shines Books, Terrabyte Graphics, and Jammie Cats.

All proceeds support future Draw the Line projects.

Published by Sirius Press
Printed in the United States of America
ISBN 978-0-9841952-8-2

Be sure to check out Christmas Toys & Joys on Amazon. It’s never too early to shop for Christmas gifts. Christmas Toys & Joys was the team’s debut publication, and it’s a fun and interactive way for families with kids to get in the Christmas spirit.

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