Adobe Animate: Creating Shapes

I’m pleased to introduce animator, illustrator, and graphic designer Patrick Macauley and his upcoming tutorial series on Adobe Animate. Patrick is a recent graduate of the University of Central Florida, acquiring a BFA in Emerging Media, and is the owner of Mythic Design Graphics.

Updated March 4, 2019.

Almost* everything you can create in Animate is a referred to as a Shape. All the following tools are used to create Shapes:

Pen (P)                 Line (N)

Rectangle (R)    Oval (O)

Polystar               Pencil (Y)

Brush (B)            Paint Brush (Shirt+Y)

* The only tool from this section that does not create shapes is the Text Tool (T). To convert text to shapes, you must first Select (V) the text box and then Break Apart (Ctrl+B). Breaking Apart a text box once will split the letters into individual text boxes. Breaking Apart a second time will turn those letters into Shapes.

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