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Legal Video Services

Daniel Ward is a Certified Court Legal Video Specialist, and provides:

  • Audio and video file format conversions and duplications to any medium
  • Custom original audio tracks for any application
  • Video presentations for advertising or company training
  • Custom computer generated graphics for company branding, advertising, demonstration, simulation or training
  • Mobile Notary Public
Why Legal Video?

Not too many years ago, in a court of law, the contents of a deposition was verbally read aloud to the judge and jury from a transcript. This procedure became less effective if the deposition was lengthy or complicated. For the past fifty years television has been the most widely used medium for information and entertainment content since the advent of the newspaper. As a result, a jury is much more receptive to watching a deposition on a monitor than hearing an oral oration of the same information.

Recording the deposition using the latest high definition video equipment allows the question and answers to be indexed for convenient access to key points of the witness interview. A skilled attorney can use a video deposition to great advantage by allowing the jury to see all of the settle facial gestures and body language of the witness which cannot be inferred by written transcript.

The purpose of Legal Video:

  • Video Depositions
  • Settlement Documentaries
  • Day-In-The-Life Documentaries
  • Video Wills
  • Proof of Damages
  • Mock Trials
  • Evidence of Insurance Fraud, Pre-Construction Video Surveys
  • Scenes of Incidents
  • Courtroom Presentations
  • Videotaping Construction Draws
  • Surveillance
  • Any circumstance where identification of persons or crimes are required to render a legal judgment
Why Terrabyte Graphics?

Daniel Ward, of Terrabyte Graphics, provides the highest quality of audio and video content, consistent with the Federal Rules of Evidence and State civil procedures. He is also a Florida State certified Notary Public operating as an officer of the court, and bonded as such. This ensures that the video deposition content is not able to be impeached due to lack of professional standing or procedure.

Terrabyte Graphics offers complete and mobile solutions to your audio and video needs.

For a free Legal Video Services quote, please download the Video Requirements Document here.

Our production experience ranges from web infomercials to [proprietary] video and photo training procedures and internal sales videos.

Terrabyte Graphics produces the highest definition audio and video quality available(1080p); we provide DVD authoring or supply any file format type and size to be used on the internet, iPod, iPhone or VHS.

  • Software: We use state of the art software: Adobe Master Suite CS4 – including
  • Effects: Using Adobe's keylight feature, we can also produce video overlays using a blue-screen. This effect is heavily used in weather reporting industry and is a very effective tool in presentations adding highly effective dimensions to your final product. It is also known as green-screen or chromakeying.
  • Portability: Our studio is mobile, so we can come to you.
  • Equipment:
    • Two High Definition cameras for video and still photography
    • A full 12' x 10' portable green/blue screen studio
    • Two table-top product green/blue screen studios
    • Studio quality light sources
    • A Mackie sound mixer
    • External lapel microphones
  • Please download the Video Requirements Document here.

For more information on Video Depositions, Video-Wills, Day-in-the-Life Documentaries, Video Settlement Documentaries, please contact Daniel Ward, CDVS – our Certified Deposition Video Specialist. Email daniel.ward(at)